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APA 8 Ball Rules

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APA 9 Ball Rules

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APA Masters League Rules
Eagle Billiards In House 3 Ball League

3 Balls are racked

The first player breaks balls this is considered his first shot, for each additional its counted as two, three, four and five.

If you knocked the cue ball off the table it is returned to the head of the table and must behind the line. ( In The Kitchen )

If two players tie score it continues into the next round giving each player a turn once again

The player with the least amount of shots wins.

Eagle Billiards In House 8 Ball
Eagle Billiards In House 9 Ball

Tap Rules

Eagle Billiards In House 10 Ball League
Mid Valley Pool League
Scranton Pool League
TAP League 8 Ball
Tap League 9 Ball


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