Eagle Billiards started in September of 2016 as a pool hall that cater to families and promotes the game of pool in our communities. Chris Wilson Co-Owner remembers the days when a pool hall was viewed as a seedy place populated by hustlers waiting to prey upon inexperienced players. It wasn’t somewhere parents would feel comfortable taking their children. He and his partners at the newly opened Eagle Billiards in Dickson City are working to change that.

In October, Mr. Wilson and his wife, Deborah,of Old Forge, teamed up with Ed Kearns of Dunmore to open the billiards parlor in the site formerly occupied by Cosmo’s Billiards, which closed in July.

The newly remolded pool room is the area’s elite billiards hall with yearly professional pro tours visiting the hall gives amateur the opportunity to learn, watch and potentially team up in play in our annual pool tournament.

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